An anniversary

We go on, because we must go on
We go on, for that is what we do
We go on – that’s how the light gets in

Famous Blue Raincoat




and – if they had the nerve – there is this:



Not created by me – just a quick note to recommend a couple of places to spend some time if you happen to be in Canterbury, Kent, in the UK:

Coffee Shop

London Unveiled

[Now with the correct link!!  So embarrassing….]

This is an amazing blog – also on WordPress – that I stumbled across today.
If you’re visiting London, or even if you live there and think you know the city, do have a look at this for descriptions of and links to many, many amazing places which are off the beaten track.  It’s fascinating and I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Famous Day!!

Performances of collective and individual vision and skill;

Living values of discipline, humility, workrate and teamwork;

Demonstrating outstanding defence and brilliant finishing;

Manifesting in public displays of dominance through excellence and victory through harmony.

Je suis Charlie

Charlie Hebdo attack – latest