winter sun

We escaped our hibernation
on the sheltered natured tip / of the southern winter islands
to be collared by the fate
which shared a timeworn laugh with us / as it welcomed foreign guests
to a pre-paid concrete paradise
necklaced by saharan dunes / on their shifting constant march: a
grainy smudge,win gleaming light
of aged rouge and lipstick, on the pocket-mouth of hell


along the human highway

the canvass steps
the ageing steps
the display steps
the forceful steps
the steps with purpose
the lighthouse-seeking steps
the ritual morning steps
the adventurous steps
the tentative steps
the steps for fun / leading who knows where

Stretching out beneath
the horizontal rainbow flags
the frantic red, the calming yellow
the emergency aid cross

Until the tide-line breaks
across the cooling breeze
so its waves come sweeping in,
their shimmering serpent forms
released before the breakers roar