emotional verdict

Pausing in empathy, to facilitate
stepping stones across the street:
a random act of kindness, outlined while it snowed

Contrasting / against frigid slices of pretence
inhaled or eaten raw / reflecting
an icy high professional disdain

Of passion. Disguised in everyday encounters.

Kept warm across embers of humanity
but cooled by us, before our judgment seat
until a fearful anger writhes / and rises up

To spill an empty nest of therapy:
from the pressing churning sensitivity,
for an inveterate chameleon / never having fun.



– ack ack ack
the pillars
– bang bang (bang)
the pillars
– drive deep
of society
– lean in
the pillars
– rear high
of society
– screw down
the pillars
– pile on

casting anchors
in the fluid loops of language