Late in Lockdown: 3

“Someone was there / a moment ago”
It did exist…

Life erodes, slowly –
lacking options to reverse, far less rebuild,
despite the booster’s lies – 
as limestone calcifies around our joints
and we find touch, once sure, now trembles;
excepting avatars

We are besieged by little fears, shivers of anxiety
sprung up like jagged dragons’ teeth,
sown broadly before dawn;
clenched against the Other, tomorrow’s visitor,
we sit bereft of actual conviction, confecting
false intensity to blast across the ether

Pale forlorn Spartans, bearing up our shields,
echoing a richer life which we have come to dread;
“Now we see as through a glass, a scanner, darkly” –
busy on our treadmills, we have become our shadows.
Locked into our own decline ~
Locked out of evidence ~

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