I was startled and perplexed –
and as ever found myself entranced –
by the constant shifting hurrying
that London brings and suckles,
when every day is born again
(to celebration with a blasé edge)
into a way of life that springs unfiltered
from the torrent of its people of the world

But cleaned and carefully dressed casually
I stepped forward past anxiety – a mark –
to slip with bundled-up uncertainty
and hope into an everyday adventure

Relating to a human face and touch,
a skin to stretch across tectonic plates of difference;
to meet and speak and hear and share
experience and lesser pain and lower-key intentions,
humdrum slices chosen and arranged with care
to convince each other and ourselves
that all is well in our lives….

Perhaps alluding to those things that underlay
our failure
to connect goodwill into an outcome
called success


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