Bright Spirit

Welcome, bright spirit:
I didn’t know what I would find
When you walked into my world
Fully formed and barely dressed

Hey you, with whom I found myself
My eyes wide open, dazzled;
Out of the bubble, dream time awakened;
You held a mirror up to my soul
Beautiful kelpie; my disguises stripped bare

You lifted my horizon
From the endless, leaden middle ground –
Lowlands of fertility and plenty –
To the giddy heights of (re)invention
Through the hot springs of desire
Roped together on the precipice beyond

Your femininity, blossoming young breasts
And rampant pressing fresh manhood
Fired by the bravest soul I’ve ever known;
A human Trinity, made one –
Miracle of diversity, serendipity’s delight

Are we saints or sinners? I don’t know
Who sees the need to make that judgment call?
So: welcome, bright spirit
In my life or onwards, wherever you will go

(originally written Spring 2012, first published 5 January 2013)


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