Wrathful Atlantic weather
Sweeping from the southwest
In wild gales, raw elemental forces
Whipping out stripped branches,
Swaying tops, bending creaking trees,
Moving shaky images and broadly changing outlook

While we huddle in our shelter,
Bound to listen
To the blind and rampant majesty
Of atmosphere, of turbulence,
Of frontal pressure drop
Pounding out a restless, wordless litany:

Booming hollow in our chimneys,
Shaking rattling at our frames,
Windswept raining on the meek, the mighty,
The unlucky, the unwary, the wanderers, the lost,
As on the passers-through;  diverting fragile plans
While sweeping over our ideas, inchoate;

And us?  Revealed as overmighty subjects:
Who hope to make security more certain,
Aspire to replicate divinity in code and
Pretend that we can understand what matters,
As we dream and push and strive
To exercise control….


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