A pinpoint circle spread in darkness,
faint power marked on overhead –
an inwards, from a grain of wheat;
overtaken by the outwards,
swallowed by the scale of dawn in stillness,
its fan of narrowed sunlight spreading above shadows;

Suffused in silence on the cusp of morning,
permeated by a peace of wellness
before irony wakens and develops
into dissenting day, a perfect day of sorts,
of immutable facts distilled from caught behaviours,
of radical ideas, butterflies escaped the iron-fisted past;

Recovered from an episode of time, outlasting suffering
through patience found in journey’s toil,
its necessary insufficient cure matched by a contest:
inherent weakness, acquired strength, and bleeding wound
of insecurity – a perceived lack, embedded in a viewpoint.
So! I was betrayed by what sustained me:

Original unvarnished nature, so familiar,
welcome trust invited and hearth-harboured,
albeit poorly fed on rotten flesh /
now healed by abstinence, and openness,
and random kindness amid service;
ready to accept entire a wider muse.


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