To Assay v3.0, By Fire

We endured a process of crucibled fire,
to assay, to clarify, who we each are,
as chemists distil and distillers work magic,
so to trial turned to harden and temper, let
our strengths dissipate, disperse and dissolve,
and our toxins react, pool and gather;

With our beautiful alloys’ complexities purged,
we were stripped to essentials, bone-bare,
separate elements reduced from our cores:
mercury 80 in trickles and leaks (puddles and smears,
would-be magic); carbon 6 in loose crystals,
scattered (devalued unless synthesised);

Intensely aligned, briefly fused then diffused,
magnetised until smelted, subsumed in the fire,
we reacted, diverged and emerged once
refined, now reformed as new sources;
periodically imprinted with alchemic change,
hermetically sealed in our genetic codes:

separation? or combination?
as a limit, or threshold? closure, or opening?


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