Without you :
I have nothing to give others,
all my efforts only to survive,
in boys’ adventures, basic pleasures;

With you, sophistication:
the kingdom’s keys are in my hand,
as we live in matchless plenty,
from access to its academic halls;

Only you: could have done,
can do, this with me;
we had the confidence to try,
to breathe a different air….

So long ago and far away now,
in a different time and place,
as other people, half-formed, un-learned,
we built a bridge into this world,

From the nomadic edges, landless
drifting unsettling tribal raiders,
we dug and built, found and created:
Stability, traction, leverage!

Rescued from solitary heritage,
escaped from our ancestral bonds,
with opposite dissenting voices,
we went to build our lives together,

Found a platform, shared risk aversion,
and built upon it, maker and provider,
yin and yang with jagged edges,
handcraft and guild and industry;

From futile spilling seed,
through endless hot fertility,
to a family full of pride;
the line continues….

From which we spring, and fly,
like kites, our complicated lives;
we move on up, up,
upwards, side by side.


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