Drafts from Abroad (Part 2)

An asexual hooker,
Afraid to be touched,
Rampant at times,
Willing to open, maybe;
Struggles to cope,
Though stronger than I;
Familiar of despair,
Joy in their heart,
Uplifted by faith;
Untameable rebel
Who tells, doesn’t ask,
Gives most of all,
Keeps nothing to call
Their own; Lost leaf,
Blown on the wind
Of circumstance,
Who learned to fly
When confidence –
Shot away, betrayed –
Through shocks returned.

Relentlessly seeking
Purity, perfection;
Denying free will,
Choosing their fate,
Accepting constraints,
Whose consent is
Imperious victrix;
Submitting to no-one,
Submissive to all,
Eschewing judgment
Particularly, Critically
Dismissing at will;
Calling the tune,
No wants of their own,
Learning so fast,
Forgetting so much.
Your gentlest heart,
And toughest narrative;
At last, so soon,
A place, a journey, opening….


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