Drafts from Abroad (Part 1)

A fragile beauty –
Fierce eyes –
And paradox:
The candy’s edge.

Twenty four years,
So wise, so naive;
The first to reach out,
But last to engage.

Ideas flying,
A firestorm’s sparks;
Emotions surging,
A river in spate;

Head up, blessed with insight,
Heart’s strong, full of joy,
Belly of fear, a lifetime’s;
Tantrums, blazing darkly past;

Overwhelming immediacy,
Beauty’s intensity;
A stray cat, validated,
Dedicated, to be good;

Child of our times, only
Conceivable in an open world,
Submitting self to one true God,
Whose eternal word denies her;

Both girl and boy….
Obviously, pervasively,
Vitally, insignificantly,
Their gender matters least.


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