Slave Girl Part 1

You cared enough: —-
to pin me down; to tie me up; to show me pain; (and how to cope); to rape my arse; to fuck my throat; to make me sick; (and then clean up); to blame me for your fault; (and always criticise);
to chase after me; (and make me feel guilt); to show you’re weak; to show you’re strong; (and how you’re rich); to twist it round; to mess my mind; (and make me feel I’d hurt you); and favour me, a little.

How good it is: to know you care for me.

I love you so!
how much you care
how strong you are, for me
when I have dried my tears
and begged an amnesty
for all my faults.

And I remember!
how good it was
when we were new.
We’ll go back there soon,
I know, once I heal
my scars, for you.

I left. I am bereft.
I want to spend my life with you;
how can I cope without you?
I love you so. I need you so.
Take care of me!
For who am I, alone?


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