Over the Bridge

How did he take control of them?
—- Through a hand of steel? In a velvet glove?
One simple answer, or more than two?
No single line ever could contain
or harness your transforming energy.

Two complex, diverse, changeling people:
* Young and experienced.
> Not young, nor wearied.
* And body transgendered; mind unique; radical, impulsive, self-creating.
> Or character conjoined; half “Mittel”, risk-averse; half imagining, explores.
* And refugees and maybe spies; unusual families; state secret of a name.
> Or solid stock: farmers or pit deputies; NCOs or signal inspectors.
* And like sharpshooters, rapid-fire and agile, moving targets.
> Or like slow-match artillery, growling in the gun-lines.
* And a free spirit, a willing sub.
> Or systems, may take control.

Similar brilliance, differently refracted
And crucibled through experience.
Reliability and sense, skill and discipline,
Personal authority and control,
To fuel the yearning hunger of consent;
Leveraging (borrowed) stability
Through the mystery of empathy.
The prison’s in the prism, then –
The light itself, and how we see it –
Tying without tape or rope or chains,
In bonds of identity, self interest, shared;
In the fibres on the margins of our lives.


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