Nothing is written

Nothing is written for us.
Every encounter we perform ,
No recording, once in time;
I came alive performing with you.

So much has been done to me
Even when I thought I’d built some sense;
But it all serves: a platform, of
integrity, and discipline’s reward.

Interest and fascination
And desire for your delights;
My eyes are open to you
Although desire is blind
& I want you more!

Every time you don’t answer
It feels like a curse;
But reality is different:
Fate’s fickle hand on you, not me.

No reasons why this happened
A brief encounter chanced online.
So where’s my choice today?
Maintain control? Open up and share?
You don’t think I’d walk away?!

Free will, self control – if we use them –
And are brave enough to choose;
Then having chosen, hold it dear
In tomorrow’s adverse circumstance,

We may find: Our humanity is strong
enough to answer purpose.
Nothing is written;
In time, we make ourselves.


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