Can you hear me —-

It’s showtime, C-list c’lebs to see
But the screens are far away
HD? 3D? Don’t make me laugh
There’s always entertainment here
When you’re standing at the back

Choruses roll out, words mean nothing
Sweat and smells, press and sway
Last week’s washing never done
Always some tosser pushing through
It’s kind of like that at the back

We’re all in it together mate
Poles and Turks, Pathans, Urdu
It’s always been a melting pot
But you could say it’s crowded now
Where I’m standing at the back

It’s not about survive or starve
No years of hunger anymore
Just poverty, despair, no hope
With precious little sunshine here
When you’re standing at the back

Our estate can field a motley crew
My little brother comes with me
We stand at home, don’t play away
But what’s it got to do with you?
You’re not standing at the back

Sharp elbows, greed, smart suits to wear
Isle of Dogs, Canary Wharf –
How do they fit next door?
My mate works in security now
Patrolling round the back

Cold hard London but it’s mine —-
Push and shove or wait in line
With aching legs, my heavy head
No I don’t want your sympathy
I’m still standing, at the back


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