Orange (a safeword)

A mind’s picture, an instant forever:
you writhing and twisting,
oiled limbs and body, lithe and
rope-bound, beneath the leather’s touch;
an agony touching ecstasy,
aching desire, consummated
beyond reason; exploring affection
with touch, of a dominant kind.

Horns locked together, our bodies joined
but not in combat, until vital fluids surge and mingle;
reddening flesh; flares in the blindfold darkness;
your beating heart, pounding under my hands.
Not random strangers —
— but power, responsibility,
to value, cherish and protect you;
touching the unreachable, almost in passing,
and by that reach, empowering more.

Out! fear of losing, left behind;
In!! take command, act as of right.
As I controlled, accepting your submission,
so your responses changed you;
and by the act, the opening –
affected by the person touched –
so I am changed in turn.
So much is new, so much potential!


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